Of course, the best way to answer all of your questions is in person, so I hope to meet up with you (at least on zoom),

but in the meantime here's the answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions.

What if we have to CANCEL due to COVID?

Anyone concerned about booking their wedding film, can rest assured that you are 100% guaranteed that any cancellation due to COVID will be fully refundable or we can re-scheduled for your new dates… so get booking!

Do you TRAVEL for weddings?

Whether it’s in the UK or abroad, if you’re getting married there, we’ll be there. Of course additional charges may be made for time, travel  and accommodation but we will handle the logistics, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Can I REVIEW the video before it’s finalized?

Absolutely, we'll be sending the film through after a few weeks for you both to approve. No-one has yet wanted changes, but if you find I've missed off Cousin Herbert, or can't stand your purple socks, then changes can be made before the final film is cast in 4K!

Do you offer any DISCOUNTS?

Yes, we're now proud to announce that we offer a huge 20% discount to anyone having a midweek wedding or an 'Off-Season' wedding too.  Also we'll offer the same 20% discount to any NHS, Police and Firefighters, Teachers or Military personnel.

Only one discount applies - cheeky!

How do I RESERVE our wedding date with you?

Quite simply £200 secures your date. After that we will send you a remaining balance invoice, 50% of which is due two months prior and the last 50% 5 days before the wedding day itself. Those able to pay the entire invoice upon booking receive a 5% discount automatically.

Do you require LUNCH?

Not really, no, but it’s certainly appreciated, even a snack. We’ll use your meal time to back up footage to hard drives, and ensure we're ready for the evening 'shoot'.

Can we LIVSTREAM our wedding?

Yes, we are now offering a Live Stream option to our wedding films... for all those who for any reason can't be with you on the big day.  For those wishing to do this themselves, free of charge, then go to the webpage, where I'll tell you everything you need to know and more.


Why is a wedding film expensive?

You need to think of your wedding film as an investment. Have you ever felt so happy that you never wanted the moment to end? Well that’s what we aim to do with your wedding film – We capture the day using state of the art equipment so that you can relive those happy moments again and again for the rest of your life. 
Once the day is done, we pour our heart and souls into editing your film, which often require a couple of weeks of work to perfect a stunning set of films that’s sure to evoke emotions in both you, your friends and family. It's a 6 day process!

When can I expect my films?

We pride ourselves on working tirelessly  for our couples, and whilst we state within six weeks, we usually get the Teaser Trailer  films out to couples within three weeks, so hot off the Honeymoon you are blasted by the emotion of it all again!

Can we pick our favourite songs for the film?

Unfortunately not, no. On the one hand, it’s illegal, and there’s always a risk that the label who produce the song will take action through civil or criminal courts for making unauthorised copies of their songs and for loss of revenue. For that reason, we do not use commercial music in my films.
Secondly, choosing the perfect music for your wedding film is an important part of the creative process. The right song can make or break a wedding film. We can discuss this more at out meeting as I have a couple of alternative 
suggestions for you both.